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About Tami

For years I worked as a full time head baker and cook while caring for and walking my family and friends' dogs on the side. I found working with dogs to be extremely rewarding, and I began to grow more passionate about this side job. Eventually, I decided that working with dogs is what I really wanted to do, so I quit my job as a baker and started my business formally known as Moose Trails Dog Camp & Care.


I have lived with dogs my entire life, and have developed a deep understanding of how they behave and interact. I have taken K9 behavior classes at the University of Vermont. I am also a graduate of My Dog Camp training course through Vermont Dog Pack. My focus is on positive reinforcement type of training. I have tons of personal experience since I was lucky enough to grow up around pups my whole life. I moved to Vermont over ten years ago from New Hampshire. 

I have worked with many different breeds and sizes of dogs including those with habits such as off and on leash anxiety, separation anxiety, and aggression. I believe that socialization, relaxation, and exercise are extremely important for a healthy and happy dog. My primary objective is for every dog in my care to feel comfortable, safe and happy.

I live in Essex with my husband Josh, a winemaker at Shelburne Vineyard, and Moose my assistant, a very friendly hound/shepherd mix!

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