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Moose Trails Dog Camp is a Dog Daycare alternative located in Jericho Vermont. Dog Camp provides a 2 hour Off- Leash hike on 140 acres of Privately Owned Land along a brook. Dog camp gives your dog the freedom to move and run around as they please, explore trails, and socialize with like minded dogs! They get to learn a lot of important skills on the trail. We practice a lot of relaxation not just on the trail but before and after our hike. We also work on appropriate play and impulse control such as sit stays, down stays, coming when called, and pack walking behind me. I keep my packs small so they get to form close and tight bonds with each other. Pick up and drop off is included so you have more time do do the things you love.

They always come home tired for the rest of the day!

Camp Runs Monday through Friday

$35 for 2 Hour Camp Adventure!

9-10am pick up : 12-1pm drop off

Pick Up Locations: Jericho, Richmond, W Bolton, Williston, Underhill

It is appropriate for adventurous dogs of all types and sizes!

Must be at least 10 months old, have a no bite history, be good off- leash, and sign up for at least 1 day a week.

Please fill out the survey below and email moosetrailsdogservices@gmail.com to schedule a meet and greet and free trial day to see if Dog Camp is the right fit for your pup!

         Some Benefits Include:

  • Building small and Close Bonds

  • Learning how to Relax before and during hike  

  • Mindfulness

  • Better Impulse Control

  • Respecting others Space

  • Name Recognition

  • Building Confidence

  • Working toward Training Goal

  • PlaySwim

  • Trail Etiquette

  • Come home Tired and Relaxed

  • Peace of Mind

Moose Trails Dog Camp & Care


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