Information for new Clients

For new clients who are interested in daily walks, dog camp and overnight stays, please email me to schedule a meet and greet. Please fill out the following PDF handout. You can either email it to me or print out and bring to our meet and greet.

  Dog Questions for Daily Walks                                      Dog Camp Questions

For Dogs Staying Overnight

Please pack enough food for the entire stay and maybe a little extra if you are flying. You are welcome to leave their favorite treats and toys if you like.

They will also need a bed or blanket, food bowl, leash, a collar and tag with a name and phone number.

A harness and long lead is not required bumight be useful for certain dogs.

For first time dogs staying longer than 3-4 nights I reccomend doing a sleepover before the actual stay so that your dog can get used to their surrondings and will understand that you will be back.

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