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Dog Camp

Dog Camp is a Daycare alternative. Dog Camp provides a 2 hour hike and swim on a few different low key trails.  We also teach some obedience skills such as pack walking (walking behind me), impulse control, and learned relaxation techniques. It is appropriate for adventurous dogs of all types and sizes. They have to do well off- leash and listen to commands. Most doggie Daycares don't take your dogs for a walk and can sometimes be an overwhelming experience for them. Dog Camp gives your dog the freedom to move and run around as they please, hike and explore different trails, and socialize with friendly like minded dogs, all while learning important skills. They always come home tired and ready to relax for the remainder of the day. 

Spots are Limited: I keep my packs small so they form strong and close bonds with each other.

*Must sign up for at least one day a week*


$35 a day for a two hour pack adventure. I pick your dog up at your home and bring your dog to different off- leash woods in the Jericho, Richmond, and Bolton area and drop them home after our hike.

9:30/10am pick up :  1:30pm drop off

All dogs must do well with other dogs.

Email to set up a meet and greet with you and your pup then a Trial Period is required for first timers.


Some Benefits Include:

  • Building small and Close Bonds

  • Learning how to Relax  

  • Mindfulness

  • Better Impulse Control

  • Respecting others Space

  • Name Recognition

  • Building Confidence

  • Play and Swim

  • Trail Etiquette

  • Learning Pack Mentality

  • Come home Tired and Relaxed


Daily walks

I do individual and group walks around your neighborhood or will bring your dog to the local park or woods depending on his/her behavior and age. Individual walks are limited.

         $20 for 45 minutes

$22 for 1 hour

*Must sign up for at least one day a week*

Overnight Sitting

 $50 for overnight 24 hour care in my home in Jericho.  Includes lots of walks in woods, play time, and ability to go to dog camp during the week. Dogs must do well with other dogs. I only sit 1-2 dogs at a time. Off and on leash dogs are welcome. New clients must schedule a meet and greet with me at my location, we will also have to set up a trial stay.


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